Investment Portfolio

The performance of the Investment group will be influenced by market dynamics and will depend on the portfolio of the investments. The group is looking into investing in the following areas and any other investment valuable to growth of Murang'a County.

1. Real Estates & Property Development

photoWe would like to invite investors to invest in Real Estate and Property Development in Murang’a County. We are looking for visionary investors to utilize the available opportunities in this wealthy county, drive them into reality and in the process initiate growth to the people of Murang’a. There are a lot of available land that can be used to build both commercial and residential properties.


2. Agribusiness Sector

photoMurang’a County, is a predominantly an agricultural County welcomes you to invest in the business of agricultural production. This project includes crop production (farming and contract farming), livestock, farming, seed supply, agrichemicals, farm machinery, distribution, processing, marketing, and retail sales. The investors are encouraged to invest in coffee, tea, maize, horticulture and dairy sectors as the climate favors them.


3. Energy Sector

photoEnergy sector is underutilized in Murang’a County. We welcome all willing investors to invest in this sector since there is a massive opportunity. Most industries are opening up in the county and energy industry will be a crucial part of their business hence huge income to the energy sector. The Governor is keen to ensure that there is enough energy to drive both business and residential areas of this county and he is ready to fully support this sector.



Returns from the group will generally consist of dividends, depending on performance, and will be earned by members depending on the proportion of a member’s total contributions made into the Group.

photoSince his election to office as the governor of Murang’a County, the Governor Hon. Mwangi wa Iria has deliberately taken an all inclusive approach to County Development agendas ... Read More

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About MIC

Murang’a Investments Co-operative Society Limited is one of those programs that the Governor has established seeking to involve all interested in the development of the County by establishing a fund where each member will make a monthly contribution...Read More

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